Dr. Rick Bhim, ND, Naturopathic Resident | Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic

Rick graduated from the University of Waterloo with an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in 2008. He continued his education at the University of Sint Eustatius School of Medicine, obtaining his Doctor of Medicine degree before moving back to Toronto and attending CCNM. He graduated with his Doctor of Naturopathy degree in 2016.

Following his graduation from CCNM, Rick was accepted into the Clinical Residency program at the College where he was involved with both teaching and clinical duties including supervising fourth-year naturopathic interns in the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic. After a year he transferred to the Naturopathic Oncology Residency Program at the CCNM Integrated Cancer Centre, in order to focus his learning on how he can better support and improve the quality of life of patients living with cancer.

The principles and practices of naturopathic medicine are what drove Rick to become a naturopathic doctor. Rick believes in a holistic approach of care, treating the whole person and appreciates the real connection he is able to make with his patients while educating and empowering them to achieve their health goals.