The TTC is repairing the Leslie Street subway station. Repair crews have set up their equipment both in the Kiss ’N Ride and on the lower level of our parking lot. The work is scheduled to last until the end of 2017.

As you’ll see from the image below, Old Leslie will become a one way street from the Kiss ’N Ride down to Sheppard Avenue (marked in purple). As a result, entry into and out of CCNM will be impacted:

  • When driving eastbound along Sheppard, the turning lane onto Old Leslie will be closed and traffic will be directed around the block to enter Old Leslie only at the Kiss ’N Ride (marked in blue).
  • When driving westbound along Sheppard, you can still turn into the Old Leslie lane and come around accordingly (marked in red)

Old Leslie will be excavated, one lane at a time, starting with the area closest to CCNM property. After this work is completed, they will excavate the other lane.


  • Access to the Leslie Street subway station, buses and TTC lot parking WILL NOT be affected
  • Wheel-Trans pick up and drop off WILL NOT be affected

Please watch for and obey the revised traffic patterns as they change to accommodate the various phases of the project.