What to Expect | Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic


As a teaching facility, many activities at the RSNC are different from a professional naturopathic practice. The interns providing care are in their fourth year of the ND program, and are currently learning to apply their academic skills to clinical practice, with direct supervision from a regulated naturopathic doctor. Our interns’ schedules usually remain unchanged throughout the clinical year, with the exception of certain special rotations and externships, during which time interns’ schedule may temporarily change. The naturopathic doctor supervising your appointments is your primary health-care provider at RSNC. To ensure you receive a consistently high level of care, once a supervisor has been assigned to you, we ask that you continue to book appointments with that supervisor on the same day each week.

Your clinic visits

During your first visit, you will meet your naturopathic doctor and their senior student intern, who will lead a detailed discussion about your health concerns.  Be prepared to discuss aspects of your life you may not associate with your physical health, such as diet, sleep habits, stress level, work and social life.  You should allow up to 60 minutes for your first appointment.

Your second appointment provides an opportunity to review your treatment goals and the management plan developed for you based on the medical information provided during your first appointment.

By your third appointment, you will be on your way to implementing a natural health approach to addressing your needs, while developing a partnership with your treating naturopathic doctor and intern.

Follow-up visits are scheduled based on your health needs to help keep you moving in the right direction and allow for treatment adjustments to be made that achieve the best health care results.

Please remember it takes time to get better

Some of our patients have spent many years with chronic medical problems unsolved by conventional medicine. Some are currently receiving positive and necessary treatment from one or more medical doctors or other health-care providers. Some are simply not feeling well and want to improve their general health. Whichever scenario applies to you, it is important to realize that it takes time to feel better when using naturopathic medicine. We usually tell patients to expect to visit us at least four (4) times and to expect to wait approximately two (2) months before noticing significant changes. Some patients of notice changes much sooner, but as a patient, we ask you to be patient! We are confident that with the necessary information and a consistent effort from you, we can help you; but it may take some time.