Fragrance-free Policy (full) | Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic

1.01 Due to health concerns arising from exposure to scented products, CCNM is committed to providing a fragrance free environment to all employees, students, residents, patients and visitors.
2.01 This applies to all employees, faculty, students, residents and visitors.
3.01 “Fragrances” are any product which produces a scent, strong enough to be perceptible by others, including but not limited to cologne, after shave lotion, perfume, perfumed hand lotion, fragranced hair products, scented oils and/or similar products.
4.01 It is the responsibility of all employees to comply with this policy and to ensure their visitors are aware of this policy.
4.02 It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department to communicate this policy to CCNM employees.
4.03 It is the responsibility of the Director, Facilities & Procurement and Coordinator, Procurement & Office Services to ensure all materials used for cleaning will be scent-free, where possible.
5.01 Employees will be informed of this policy through the employee handbook, signs posted within the College, letters of offer and during their initial orientation.
5.02 Any employee who is found in violation of this policy on CCNM property will be issued a warning and any further violation of this policy will result in progressive discipline.